We are Stockholm Museum of Women’s History

We want to strengthen democracy BY:

  • Showing respect for women’s lives and their work

  • Actively challenging the marginalisation of women in the creation and use of history

  • Highlighting how women influence the progress of society.


YAY! Stockholm Museum of Women's History is opening on 1–31st of March


Trying to fit half of humanity's history within four walls is impossible. Launching a new women's history museum in one single day is equally unimaginable. This is why the opening of our museum will take place during a whole month. Come to Hökens gata, where we will distill our city scope of 187 160 000 square metres' worth of knowledge into a room of 28 square metres. Or join us at one of the many events hosted by our network of organisations, where hidden and half-forgotten history will be presented by experts from near and afar. The calendar for the opening month will be updated continuously.

Meet us at Hökens gata 11, every day from the 1st to the 31st of March. Here, you will be able to learn more about the Women's ”Thing” of the Day: selected historical objects from museum collections and archives, introduced in collaboration with our associate organisations. You will also be able to listen to experts in the field of women's history, take part in workshops and discussions, view an exhibition by Petra Bauer, and join our Women's History Association (Kvinnohistoriska Sällskapet). The launch and the events are funded with the help of the City of Stockholm.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 13-20, Sat: 12-17, Sun: 12-16.


Upcoming events in english

On our website, we are collecting events for anyone in Stockholm who is interested in women's history. In our larger Swedish calendar we are presenting a large number of events arranged by various culture organisations in Stockholm. On this page you find all the events for English speakers. The calendar will be updated continuously.


About us

Stockholm Museum of Women’s History is a new and innovative museum which focuses on women's presence in history. We want to tell the important stories of women, stories that previously have been silenced. Our research serves to communicate and exhibit the complexities of human heritage in a way that is accessible, educational and entertaining. Rather than being in a fixed location, Stockholm Museum of Women’s History is a mobile entity, a moving consciousness. We want to be an active part in society all over the city, to meet you where you are. 


The museum is run by a multitude of organisations: participants from museums, national archives, academic and cultural institutions, members of the performing arts, and individual members of the public have all come together in order to establish Stockholms Kvinnohistoriska, Stockholm Museum of Women's history.

The goal of the museum is to contribute to society by spreading knowledge about women's history. We want to encourage learning through shared experiences, and to keep the democratic discussion alive through freedom of opinion and expression. 

Stockholm Museum of Women's history is unique in the sense that we do not have a fixed location. We want to explore the possibilities of a new type of museum, which is not bound by a physical site or a permanent collection. Just like history itself, we are open to reinvention, we want to contribute to society by developing new and creative ways of thinking. By not limiting ourselves to a specific site, we want to establish networks and platforms for the future. Our group of organisations all work towards reaching the goals of the museum in their individual fields of expertise.

Stockholm Museum of Women’s History is based on interdisciplinary collaborations. We combine new research with material from archives and collections. Creativity is at the heart of every project that we do. Although using the city of Stockholm as a starting point for our storytelling, Stockholm Museum of Women's History does not limit itself to stories that are related to Stockholm, or even Sweden. On the contrary, we aim to be part of the international scene by contributing to the global writing of women's history

Currently, Stockholm Museum of Women’s History is working together with large institutions and smaller organisations in order to arrange events and activities in various parts of Stockholm, as well as in the areas outside of the city. By doing this, we hope to create unexpected meetings between different audiences, and to offer a platform for a wide range of stories.

The mission of Stockholm Museum of Women's History is to be an active part in building a rich and diverse world view by broadening the knowledge about women in society. We want to show how, despite being marginalised throughout history, women have played an integral role in developing society by forming communities all over the world. By giving voice to women of the past, we will open up space for women of the future to be heard.