We are Stockholm Museum of Women’s History

We want to strengthen democracy BY:

  • Showing respect for women’s lives and their work

  • Actively challenging the marginalisation of women in the creation and use of history

  • Highlighting how women influence the progress of society.


About us

Stockholm Museum of Women’s History is a new and groundbreaking museum dedicated to women’s history. Together with our member organisations, we work to have women’s history and stories explored, acquired, preserved and made accessible and visible to the public. 

We do innovative museum work – without a permanent building. Rather than having a fixed location, we appear in different shapes all over the city with tours, exhibitions, talks and other activities, to be present in our everyday lives where the history of women has taken place, working to make it a part of our common knowledge.

Cooperation and participation is the foundation of our work. The museum is a non-profit organisation founded by a multitude of organisations in Stockholms: museums, archives, academic and cultural institutions and even nightclubs have all come together in order to establish Stockholms Kvinnohistoriska, Stockholm Museum of Women's history. The member organisations offer fantastic historical expertise, unique collections, all kinds of facilities and spaces and broad experience in public events.

Through our network Kvinnohistoriska Sällskapet (the association for women’s history) we invite individuals from the public to support the museum and contribute in shaping it. 

With history as the red thread we will work to promote new cooperations, exchange of knowledge and first class cultural experiences for the residents and visitors in Stockholm.